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Businesses, today, need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. Staying ahead of that change and achieving long-term success requires ongoing business transformation. Our Business and IT Consulting services offer solutions that improve efficiency, profitability and agility for our clients.


Customers are the lifeline of any business. Without customers, no business can thrive, which is why having a strong customer service and support is imperative for any business. We, at Soul System Research & Development, understand the value of good customer relationship.

Our customer service offerings include sales support, general query, technical support, billing support, and collections.

Sales support: From lead generation to lead closure, we support the entire sales cycle. We also provide up-sell and cross-sell services.

General query: We handle order status enquiry requests, product-related information, and resolve customer complaints.

Technical support: Our helpdesk / technical support offers a round-the-clock service portfolio consisting application operation support, remote desktop management, network support, and messaging system support.

Billing support: We handle bill generation and account maintenance for complex services such as fraud management.


Ongoing pressures to optimize business performance have prompted many finance executives to look for new approaches, including outsourcing of the finance & accounting organization. Soul System Research & Development is perfectly suited to help your company transform into a high-performance organization that streamlines processes, maintains compliance and cuts costs, all while letting you focus on your core competencies and grow your business.

We have the capability and commitment to implement an outsourced delivery model that is innovation-focused and takes an end-to-end enterprise view. We help realize your vision of creating a stable F&A function with innovative, compliant and transparent accounting practices. Our financial structure is agile, metric driven and connected with your enterprise.


Companies are looking to reinvent their HR practices to improve employee engagement and reduce operating costs. Soul System research & Development’s Human Resource Services help companies reconfigure their HR processes, and run innovative employee engagement programs to reduce costs and improve motivation levels. 

Companies across industries can streamline their HR processes with end-to-end services spanning the following key features:


Changing dynamics in the global economy make it imperative for supply chain organizations to innovate, optimize costs and improve profitability. To ensure this, organizations must streamline their supply chain processes and enhance sourcing while focusing on core competencies.

Soul System Research & Development’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Services provide industry leading solutions helping you transform your business. We offer increased flexibility, optimized business results and ease decision making with our services such as Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management, Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling, Inventory Management, Sales Order Management, Logistics Fleet Management, Warehouse Management, and Warranty Management.