Technology today has the power to transform the way we learn, communicate, conduct business, and most of all, enjoy our lives.
Learn how our research is changing the world of education, entertainment and business.

Blockchain Technology

Soul System is dedicated to building blockchain-based protocols and decentralised applications for various industries. We believe blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to radically transform all markets. Enabling transparency in any supply chain unleashes the possibility for true fair trade and self-sovereign identity will unlock the global economy. At Soul System Research & Development, we are building decentralized applications that will shape the future.

Virtual Augmented Reality

There is no denying that the future of the world is ruled by technology. The advent of technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality have opened a whole new avenue for the world to explore and use it for the benefit of humanity. VR and AR are in their nascent stages today, and all our research is focused towards making them more evolved, and building upon them to create world class products used for entertainment, learning, gaming, healthcare, communication – together which we call, LIFE CARE.


Augmented Reality is changing education.


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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is changing education. We are developing AR tools that engage learners of all ages in the most creative ways


Augmented Reality is changing education. We are developing AR tools that engage learners of all ages in the most creative ways

Soul System

Experience the power of VR & 360

From 360 degree murals to simulation devices, the virtual reality technology has turned into a game changing technology that science enthusiasts have been anticipating for years.

Virtual reality (VR) is a trip. Using a  VR device offers the surreal experience of traveling through space and time without actually moving.

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Create technology involving AI and AR such that education and knowledge reach each and every individual equally, with equal opportunity to learn, thrive and enjoy.

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Education & Training


Using animated movies for easy and entertaining learning

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Using current tools to build futuristic products. We make products that let people enjoy, discover and learn through innovative and animated storytelling.


Our designers, illustrators and animators are passionate about creating unique animation work both in the field of entertainment and education.


We believe that a good CG animated story has the magical power to touch and transport its audience to a different time and place, and we will always be passionate about crafting this magic for our audience!


The magic goes beyond bounds when the stories are experienced in VR and AR technologies.


Be it songs, news, interviews, or life lessons, Radiotalkies has something in store for
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Our creative process

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